Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Floral Fancy Challenge

So here is this weeks challenge card, very plain but full of nice bright colours.

I found this old photo of Regan recently and happened to notice just how much Bunny had deteriorated in the last six years. To Bunnys credit she still goes everywhere with Regan. This includes the ride to school where Regan gives her a last quick sniff before she gets out of the car. Bunny then waits patiently in the car for Regan to return and hold her all the way home.
The journalling reads: 6 years on, a little less colourful, a lot less fluffy and a little battered around the eyes but still so very much loved.


~KRISTY~ said...

how adorable is the bunny LO!

~JULES~ said...

what a beautiful layout Leah!!!

Jack said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Leah....I have checked your blog out too...WOW I love your work....Cheers

Ruby said...

WOW luvv that and the LO!! =]
Have a fabulous day!! =]