Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bear Guts

Yes I know, not a very delightful title but that is what they call it. It being all the stuffing from poor Bear which I am now finding all over the house, the car, the yard. Bear's arm is so bad now that Aaron can dig down to his feet and pull out the stuffing from there. Surely he can't last much longer.

This one is for you Grandma and Grandpop, as you can see it is you and the kids expertly drawn by Regan on our newly painted blackboards. Check out the beard and pink (no red chalk) hat.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bling challenge

Here's this weeks card for copycatcards.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Everyone's happy

Another great weekend had by all. Aaron got over his 'sore belly' by friday arvo and is feeling much better. Shane got a whole heap of stuff cleaned up around the place, Regan had her netball presentation and loved her new trophy and I got through some homework for my TAFE (Teachers Aide (special)) course and even managed to do this LO. Its the first one I've done of me - as a grown up - I mean. I've done an album of me from baby up to my wedding day but this is the first one of just me in ages.

Shane and I went to see the new Bourne movie today, this guy gets cuter by the day, oh, and yeah the movie was good too!

And last but not least I finally recieved this cute little item from e-bay. I'ts a champane glass cooler in giraffe print that I have bought for Barb a friend of mine that is totally into giraffes not to mention a drink or two. I hope she likes it.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The week gone by

It's grandparents day at Regans school today and we can't make it because Aaron is sick. Nan has headed off and to be honest I don't envy her, it's blowing a gale out side. I've just rang to check up on them and Layla has joined their picnic as her grandparents couldn't make it. Oh, the photo opportunities I'm missing.

I've also had a haircut, it was one of those moments, you know, bad hair day followed by another bad hair day followed by a trip to the hairdresser. It's been a week now and I'm actually quite used to it now and can even say yes, I like it. (well done Susan, I knew you wouldn't let me down).

And finally some work I've been doing lately, the first is a LO of my beautiful daugher Regan that started as a bit of a personal challenge to use that brite purple kindiglitz thats been in the cupboard for ages and then a card for the new challange blog by the seriously talented Leisa from Scrapsidaisy called copycatcards.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

So sad

This is Aaron checking the mail yesterday and realising nothings for him. I don't know why he gets so upset, there is never anything for him. Poor little guy he is on such a mail thing lately, always putting his drawings into envelopes, bringing home boxes (mail) from preschool and wrapping his toys in paper. But, as he is on a bit fettish at the moment please send him something. (thanks grandma)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's Begun

Yes, 12 months after we put in the plans dirt has moved, Shane got stuck into the footings for our new garage/guest room/scrap room on the weekend and I'm very excited. How much fun is it to see progress?

Oh yeah, and I finished this layout off on the weekend too. Inspirational thanks must go to pip prosser for those bumpy edges.