Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bear Guts

Yes I know, not a very delightful title but that is what they call it. It being all the stuffing from poor Bear which I am now finding all over the house, the car, the yard. Bear's arm is so bad now that Aaron can dig down to his feet and pull out the stuffing from there. Surely he can't last much longer.

This one is for you Grandma and Grandpop, as you can see it is you and the kids expertly drawn by Regan on our newly painted blackboards. Check out the beard and pink (no red chalk) hat.


fathers said...

Thankyou Regan, The picture is beautifull. I love Grandpop's beard.

Lots of love from Grandpop and Grandma

Leisa said...

Hi Regan, I know the picture was for Grandpop and Grandma but I would like to tell you that I think it is a REALLY great drawing too - you are very clever.
Leah, I so love the cards you have been creating - the design and colours are so eye catching!
Cool Bear layout - the kids will laugh at the title when they are older won't they. Regan's bunny is so adorable and must be very special to ride in the car every day - a very special LO about a very special Bunny.