Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chrissy Day

We all had a great Chrissy Day ... the kids were up at around 6:20 ... and this year the family came to us for lunch .... well not so much lunch but continual grazing for about 5 hours.

First presents..

The lego construction starts .... it took Shane a good 8 hours to finish this, I'll post a completed pic later ...

Aaron loved his cowboy suit but didn't like the fact his belly was showing .... once we got him a shirt he was fine..

How big is this tramp??

This was a big hit (ha ha)

Way too much food again...

And of course the Family Photo

Take care over the holidays and I will return after our trip to the Goondi and the Gold Coast.

Monday, December 24, 2007

New Quilts

Nan bought the kids around a beautiful suprise yesterday.... their new quilts ... we absolutely love them ... yes, that is Star Wars on Aarons, he has become a little obsessed lately.

The kids (Aaron actually) decided that they needed their own letter boxes .... here's what they came up with after a lot of "maybe not there" moments .... the rice in the bottom, not such a good idea ... you can guess why.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

The holidays are here - yeah

The holidays have begun ... I tried to sleep in but to no avail, it did feel good though have to get up and get organised. Aaron had his last day at Early Intervention last week ... very sad ... he's been there for three years and will miss everyone dearly. The list here is the chrissy wishes for the kids at Aarons pre school, I loved the fact that all Aaron wanted was a flag ... a Taree one please ...

Regan got her first pair of Colorado sandles this week ... she's in love, sooooo grown up.

I've finished making and have sent most of my Chrissy cards ... finally ... but can't seem to get a photo posted here. These are my teachers gifts this year ... thanks for the inspiration Julieann ... I put a photo of Aaron in the lid and he wrote his name.

... And one for Ron

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Catch up

Todds bucket came off today (he had been scratching at his old age beauty spots) .... he hated it during the latest lightening storms as everytime he tried to get close (bit scared he is) he would hit himself on our legs .... it also took me a day to realise he couldnt fit his head in his water bucket, I couldn't work out why he was drinking out of the storm water vents .... overall he coped quite well.

Regans end of year liturgy was today - the story of Christmas - it was great, lots of catchy songs .... she was so nervous to start with but soon got into the swing of it .... Dad, Aaron and Nan all came along.

Aaron actually shared his bed last night for the first time .... he is normally quite possesive and wont even let Shane or I stay in more than 30 sec after we have finished reading .... Regan said he was scared and asked her to sleep with him but when I asked Aaron this morning he said Regan was scared .... I think she was a little worried about today.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas is a coming

The first of December has come and gone, the tree is up and the kids have been put through three photo shoots trying to get just the right cutie photo for the card. Overall I'm very excited, what a great time of year.... Shane and Jaimie were trying to put the fascia and gutter on our new room on Sat morning but got rained out way before finishing time. Shane's mood dampened even further when I came home from town and told him that the rain only started about five doors up from us. Whats the chances eh?? Anyway, the rest of the family seized it as the perfect moment to put up the Jingle Bell (as Aaron calls it) tree, however because of Shanes less than festive mood I was threatened with a walk out if I even dared pick up that Christmas carol CD... How many other families can boast that the put up their tree this year to the beautiful tones of AC/DC.

Yes, I'm a bit of a traditionalist, I love my red, green and gold Christmas.

Thought I'd share this great picture Aaron bought home from preschool the other day. It's over 80 cm tall and depicts a castle with all the knights, Donna said he worked on it for ages, I believe her....