Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Catch up

Todds bucket came off today (he had been scratching at his old age beauty spots) .... he hated it during the latest lightening storms as everytime he tried to get close (bit scared he is) he would hit himself on our legs .... it also took me a day to realise he couldnt fit his head in his water bucket, I couldn't work out why he was drinking out of the storm water vents .... overall he coped quite well.

Regans end of year liturgy was today - the story of Christmas - it was great, lots of catchy songs .... she was so nervous to start with but soon got into the swing of it .... Dad, Aaron and Nan all came along.

Aaron actually shared his bed last night for the first time .... he is normally quite possesive and wont even let Shane or I stay in more than 30 sec after we have finished reading .... Regan said he was scared and asked her to sleep with him but when I asked Aaron this morning he said Regan was scared .... I think she was a little worried about today.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Leah,
What a great site!! It was great to get your Chrissy card and fantastic to catch up on all your gossip. So glad you are all well. Will ring in the New Year to catch up, don't know where 2007 has gone?
Love Shelley