Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas is a coming

The first of December has come and gone, the tree is up and the kids have been put through three photo shoots trying to get just the right cutie photo for the card. Overall I'm very excited, what a great time of year.... Shane and Jaimie were trying to put the fascia and gutter on our new room on Sat morning but got rained out way before finishing time. Shane's mood dampened even further when I came home from town and told him that the rain only started about five doors up from us. Whats the chances eh?? Anyway, the rest of the family seized it as the perfect moment to put up the Jingle Bell (as Aaron calls it) tree, however because of Shanes less than festive mood I was threatened with a walk out if I even dared pick up that Christmas carol CD... How many other families can boast that the put up their tree this year to the beautiful tones of AC/DC.

Yes, I'm a bit of a traditionalist, I love my red, green and gold Christmas.

Thought I'd share this great picture Aaron bought home from preschool the other day. It's over 80 cm tall and depicts a castle with all the knights, Donna said he worked on it for ages, I believe her....


~JULES~ said...

Good to see that you finally got "The perfect Christmas shot!"
that's an awesome photo!
You certainly have been busy since I last popped in!

scrappermimi said...

Your Chrsitmas pictures are just WOW! And I alway love kids artwork, well done little one!