Monday, October 15, 2007

Notice anything

Yes that's right Bear has had a replacement. Aaron was a bit wary at first, actually for about a month, but then got right into it and cut Bears old arm off himself. It wasn't actually an arm anymore as it had got a lot worse than in this photo and was only a ball of fur hanging down from the shoulder by the two seams. The new one is rather large and we did point that out to Aaron but he was determined to put as much stuffing in as he could. "Strong". Nan performed the operation yesterday arvo after Shane and I returned from a ride to Gloucester, Shane rode his bike home and I drove with the kids and by then the novelty had worn off and Aaron was most upset that it was "not same". This morning I had to give it a hair cut (from long fur to short) and although he is still Bear he's not as comfortable and it's going to take a while for Aaron to get just the right hold on him. {Don't you think he looks a bit happier though?}

Finished this today ... it took me ages as I started it 3 times on 3 completely different background papers... love my dark cardstock. If your wondering about the 'Friends" lettering, it's the Heidi swap self adhesive alphabet. I decided I didn't like the Brown so tried to get them off, very sticky. Anyway the letters came off but the adhesive stayed with the bottom layer of chipboard, I kind of liked it, how's that for double use of your lettering.

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