Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Superhero

And he certainly is, my georgous boy. Isn't it great when you take those pictures that really touch you, this isn't necessarly a good photo and you can't even see his face but it fills me with love and wonder about who he is and how he's going to grow up.

On a less touchy feely note today was the first day Regan got to have a ride on the back of Dad's bike, how impressed is she?? It's defanantly her first choice of transport now.

And lastly my card for this weeks challange. This is a scanned and shrunken copy of a painting Aaron did for me last valentines day. Ohhhh how cute.


scrappermimi said...

What great work, the LO is just fabu using the paint and superman stuff. My son will love that. The card using your childs artwork is just great, so unique!

Kylie said...

looks like your dd had a great time on the back of her daddy's bike, my DH can't wait til our DD is old enough to be able to take on a ride on his bike, I keep telling him it will be a long time before she will be getting on the back of his bike!!! Nice LO too, I love candid pics that capture the moment.