Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ahhh school holidays

Don't you just love them, this time around we've gone nowhere and done nothing and I'm loveing it. The days have been filled with hanging around home with the kids playing and me spring cleaning, ever so slowly room by room.

While cleaning out the fridge I tried to throw away these little guys but the kids wouldn't be in it, at a guess I'd say they've been in there at least 10 months but since they have all been named they're part of the family and cannot possible go.

I have managed to do a few cards for the weekly and midweek challange at copy cat cards and am trying desperately to finish a LO of Regan that I just cant seem to get right.

Regan says thanks heaps Grandma for the handmade winter goodies (in Oct??) and Aaron just loved his book Helen, much appreciated. I should really show that appreciation by making those Red Hat cards you've been patiently waiting for. I will stop thinking about it and make them soon, however from what I hear you'll be making your own anytime now.
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Melissa Goodsell said...

Your cards are so lovely and I love the knitting - so so nice!