Saturday, February 14, 2009


Last week a girl in Aaron's class called him stupid...when he told us that arvo we asked him who it was... it was a new girl whose name he didn't know but .... "I'll draw you a picture"... now all we need to do is find a girl in 1U that has a ponytail and wears a school uniform .??!! I so love the way that he draws, or signs, or gets objects to help us understand him... he is so beautifully Aaron..... This afternoon he was looking for a colouring in page of the 'vegi man' from the adds, I didn't get what he was after but when I returned to the kitchen he had made a face with 2 apples a bananna and a carrot.... got to love his persistance.

Check out the latest edition to the backyard..... it's Jaimies one from Nan and Pops place and the kids are just loving it, it needs a bit of a washdown a splash of paint and some new balustrades and it will be as good as new.... I'm so happy with their new play area....
Till tomorrow when I'll share pics of Aarons B'day party.

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