Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Yes that's right, it has rained all weekend and I'm not holding out much hope for a sunny monday ... you should see how out of control my laundry has got ... We were going to go to Armidale this weekend but decided to stay at home and get a few things done ... so much for that. Actually i suppose I tell a little lie, Shane is, at this moment up on the roof of his shed with a hose and broom cleaning off the mould, can't see the point myself but eh it keeps him happy ...
On fri night I went on a girls night (with the girls from work) to one of the local pubs ... I had a really good time but know why I don't bother very often ... feeling a little too old ... Sat was more my style, took the kids to see Narnia, not as impressive as #1 but still very good.... and as for today, well I have managed to clean all the windows and sills in the house ... hated doing it but I must admit I feel pretty good now that it's done.
( - I just read back that last paragraph to myself - oh my god, I sound sooo boring...)
Aaron lost his first tooth on Thur, he left it at school so the fairy didn't come till Fri night, I don't know if all boys are the same but he definantly wasn't as interested in the whole fairy thing as Regan ....I haven't taken any photos yet as the weather has been so crappy but will post one later.
Some things I have got to share ....

A wedding card for Carlina at work who gets married this week....

And April in review.. - still using the papers and ideas from Pip Prosser's take away packs.

Till later ..

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