Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finally a day off

Yipee, i've finally got the wednesday off that my boss has been promising me and I'm trying very hard to fit everything into it that I can ... I've been to the school to have a chat with Aarons aide ... coffee with friends that I haven't caught up with for ages ... vacummed my scrap room ... cleaned out the car, the computer desk and the pig hut ... and I've still got time for a bit of scrapping before taking Aaron to his dance lessons..... A day wll spent!!

Aaron is so very much into Star Wars at the moment and keeps bringing home these massive books describing all the ins and outs of each episode. It amazes me that someone can write such detailed accounts of something that doesn't exist!?!

It was mums birthday yesterday - only one more year till the big 60 ... and this is what I sent her ... so very cool I thought and such beautiful colours.

As for scrapbooking - not much has been going on in that area but I did manage to get this layout done of Aaron last week.... He is such a boy ... It is near on impossible for him to look forward when riding the quad ... I'm having second thoughts about getting them a motorbike for chrissy....

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