Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekly catchup

Firstly, but also very late - I hope all those mothers out there had a great day last Sunday.... here are a few of my favourite gifts...

Old Toddy dog has had a pretty rough week ... one suspected snake bite ...3 visits to the vet including x rays ... 2 pain killing injections, anti inflammatories, antibiotics and a shot of cortisone ... apparently he has arthritis in his back which he has damaged and inflamed somehow ... he's hardly been able to move for 5 days now but hopefully it will get better in a week or two.

Its been a busy week for cards, one for mums b'day which I will post later and this one for my cousin who has just had a new baby girl ... a sister for Abby. I'm also doubling it up as this weeks copycat card challange.

This one however is for a much sader occasion. Last tue I lost a very special friend to Leukemia, we have been friends ever since I first moved to Alice Springs when I was 10. It was 28 fantastic years where we always managed to catch up regardless of how many moves we made or where we were living, she was a unique and amazing person and will be sadly missed by all her family and friends especially her husband and three year old daughter, this card will be for them.

We went shopping for caravans today .... no we don't actually need one ... can't afford one ... and don't have a car big enough to pull one ... but golly, it was good fun looking... and how good would it be to have one for those quick and easy weekends away. ... Shane even mentioned us being able to drive over to you guys Grandma and Grandpop !?!!

Till next time...

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