Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, those who know me knew that it was only a matter of time.... Yes, I managed to cut the tip of my pointer finger off in the meat slicer at work on Wednesday. I didn't actually know that I had done it until I saw the blood but by golly it hurt for the next few days... I was going to post a photo but urghhhh it's not really all that pretty. (thanks again to Barb for staying with me at the hospital while they patched me up.)

On to much nicer things ... here's that photo of Aaron showing off his first lost tooth...

He's got a thing for cherios at the moment ... and yes he did eat the whole bowl, then drunk his and Regans milk.

I've posted a few photos of good ole Toddy Dog lately ... now he is officially old and arthritic (down his spine) we've gone out and bought a jacket for him ... not only does it make him look very daper but he is definantly enjoying the added warmth on these cold days.

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Tammy James said...

Hi Leah,
Ouch!! That really doesn't sound nice.
Love the wedding card in your last post, lucky friend.