Monday, September 10, 2012

Remarkable Likeness

Shanes been sporting the 'Mountain Man' look lately, he hasn't shaven of had a haircut for a while and OMG that grey - its aged him by 15 years. There has been lots of jokes around our friends about his new look ranging from Yeti to Santa Clause and, i think, a bit of jelousy from the guys at how quickly he grew his beard (many years in the Navy shaving every day means it grows at a phenomenal rate). I had to laugh when Aaron bought home this magnet that he had made for fathers day... the resembalance is amazing.

Last weekend saw Aaron's hockey team have a very close win to get into the grand final and saw Regans CJ Netstars win their grand final 31 - 13. They became the U12 champs being undefeted all year. Big Horay for all the Girls...

One more down countless more to go.... This one is Aaron finally riding his bike on a camping trip in May..

Till later.......

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