Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book week and other things...

This year we decided to put a bit of effort into book week and went with a Dr Zeus theme.... Aaron wanted to be Cat in the Hat so Regan decided on Thing One.

Of course everyone knows that where there is a thing one there is a thing two... so after a bit of advertising on Facebook it was decided that Maddie would join her. They even had a sleepover on a school night so they could get ready together.

I actually got a blister on my spray finger from spraying three cans of hairspray into their teased hair.

Did you notice Aarons hat? I made it..... Yes very proud of myself, its the first actual thing I have made on my sewing machine...The pattern i got from Pinterest (of course) and it was an absolute hit. The girls costumes I had to dye red and the 'badges' on the front are iron on transfers ironed onto sticky felt. Ahhh the things we do.....

Aarons got himself a new friend who has been sleeping over a bit. A very nice guy by the name of Zacc who has been absolutely great for Aaron. Hes a very much worry free outdoors type of guy who is very patient with Aarons anxiety over his stuff and who is a real genuine friend. We couldn't be happier and neither could Aaron.

He has been really impressed with the things that Aaron can do and has made sure hes gone back to school and told the other kids that hes not as 'fragile' as they think.

The last couple of weeks have been full of sickness ...... Aaron and Regan both had the chicken pox and were off school for a week each (of course not the same week). Regans were quite bad but Aaron seemed to get off lightly.

(This was not the worst of it but for some reason she was pretty camera shy)

The chemist must be loving me, I have never had so many medications lined up... I also got a major toothache which put me out of action for a while and sent my to the dentist on a Sat morning for emergency root canal work .... not happy but at least the pain from the night before stopped.

Shane was working hard last weekend getting the pool fence done, not far to go now, hes even got up one pannel of the brushwood.... looking good.

I've had a bit more spare time lately as I have changed jobs again.... actually a lot more spare time but I am yet to put it to good use. There seems to be a lot of roster changes where I am now and I can't get into a routine.... Anyway, checked my scrapping the other day and realised that I had only completed two LOs for 2012. Gave myself a kick in the butt and finished these two off...

Till Later

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