Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bit of a change inside and out

Going with the old revamping theory we tackled Aaron bedroom last week....

a new desk, bedding and rugs and its become a very grown up room that should last him for a few more years to come..... and yes the bear will still be there I reckon..

And the concrete has been laid around the patio, pool and front door... looking good.

of course with the luck we've been having lately it hailed.... yes hailed only 2 hours after they finished.... I was standing inside watching the hail hit springing all the stones from the concrete.... i ran out and layed sheets over the areas under the gutters and luckily there wasn't much damage but come on...... hail .... really???

of course have pool..... will swim

Aaron was officially the first one in on Sat 4th Aug and by golly it was cold

didn't stop them getting in again and again though

Till later...

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