Thursday, August 20, 2009

makes Daddy proud

Can't think of anything better than your son wanting to be just like you....

Our young man is growing up, he lost his front tooth last week and the other isn't far behind ... he's going to have quite a gap!

Speaking of growing up.... our other young boy Koda is getting bigger by the minute, the kids are really enjoying his company and he's turning out to be quite a speed demon.

The kids are spending quite a bit of time on 'club penguin' lately and as you can see Regan has quite a bit of fun ... they each get to be a 'penguin' and play games etc on line...

and on to scrapbooking .... this is one of Regan and her new best friend Darcy ... they have become close lately and Regan has become a different girl actually enjoying school everyday and not comeing home complaining that so and so has said this or that to upset her.. hopefully shes found a keeper here..... or though I do wonder how many LO's I will end up with that are titled 'Best Friends'.... three and counting.

and an oldish one of Aaron on his first day at hockey this year.

Till later

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