Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I wish for......

On the way out to Nan's the other day Regan asked us what we would wish for if we could get anything:

Aaron went 1st : I want to be the King of everything
Then Me : I would like someone to do all our weekend chores so we could spend the whole weekend as a family all the time
And Regan: - 'That all Aarons problems were fixed and that his feet were the right shape'
OOHHHHHHHH She is soooo sweet and thoughtful.... I really enjoy how much she absolutely loves Aaron..

Of course coming a close second she wanted to be a member of Club Penguin... But I'm not taking anything away from wish one....


It was science week last week (or maybe the week before.... it's all starting to blend) and these are my crazy scientists...... I of course waited until the last second to get the costumes and ended up making Aarons from a karate shirt and Regan's is a cut of pair of overalls...... a great day was had at school doing all sorts of experiments..

They also had their walkathon on friday... we were all very proud of Aaron who managed 5 laps around the 1.something km track (the L stands for lolly).... He did one lap with his mates, one with me and then wondered around on his own for the rest of the arvo ... I am so impressed by all the kids at his school ... they all know each other and are very encouraging towards everyone, from all grades.... Regan clocked up seven... go girl!( she was there mainly for the social aspect)

Shane pulled all the fruit off the trees last weekend.... so Regan was on juicing duty ... we ended up with 9 lt of Lemonade juice, 2.5 lt of Orange and enough lemons for the all the girls at guides to make Lemon butter for their dads tomorrow night..

Aaron's loveing his new T-shirt but they didn't have a face like this....

And yes, I've even managed to scrapbook those photos of Koda..... He is so much bigger now though, nearly time for a new page....

and this one is for you dad..... sorry I posted it late so you'll probably see it here before it appears in your mail box.....
Have a fantastic day.......sit back, enjoy and get those last few points on tennis..

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