Friday, October 3, 2008

catching up

I actually had a lot to say over the last couple of weeks but since it's taken me so long to say it, it has all become a bit obsolete, so Ill condense.....we are back from Sydney and not very happy about the trip ... Aaron was booked in for a session a day of intensive Occupational Therapy however the therapist had had a bad accident a month prior and still wasn't back at work. I can understand that she was away but why they didn't ring and let me know still baffles me.... they didn't even inform me when I booked in on the sun..... and it wasn't until I was knocking on the door of an obviously closed office that I was told by the nursing staff that we wouldn't be seeing an OT at all.....we had a few other appointments which we went to but since it had only been four months since our last visit they could have been put off..... overall it was a week wasted not to mention all the money I spent shopping in the 'big smoke'.... The kids loved it however, they love going to school where there isn't actually much school work going on and Regan made a friend who has already got in contact with her. This friends brother has the same condition as Aaron but is a few years older so it is great to talk to them and see how their guy is progressing.

Took the scooters down this time...

This is Aaron getting eaten by a shark at oceanworld... he wouldn't stay still long enough for me to take a photo...... yes I know it's hard to stay still when your getting eaten but cant you just try .. for mum??

You never know what you might see at the beach at night

My folks have been here for the past two weeks which we have all enjoyed..... the kids have loved been looked after by grandma and grandpop during the holidays while I work and I'll share more photos later... the ones above are of my little guy showing off his dance moves at the liturgy for grandparents day on the last week of school.

This one was also taken on Grandparents day ... you can just see where this is heading...

and again at the end of the post I get to my scrapbooking ..... catching up a bit but nowhere near enough ..... these are the LO's I did after the kids lights out in Sydney..... for those who were at the Kim Archer workshop they should recognise all the leftover papers in the Jun layout

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