Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another everyday week had by all. The kids are back at school and enjoying every minute. Regan played her first real game of touch football today, she was a little confused and not sure whether she liked it or not ... i'm sure she'll get the hang of it. It's funny we spent the whole winter telling the girls (in netball) don't chase the ball, stay with your player... and by the end they were great... It's basically the same team now playing touch and we've had to go back to the basics again... don't chase the ball, stay with your player.
I'm busy as normal - somehow got talked into running the white elephant and cake stall at the St Joeys fete as well as starting my new job as Girl Guide leader this term.

Shane said he'd put Regan to bed last night but when he didn't return I went in to find this...

A couple of photos of the kids on their favourite of all outdoor things...

July in review

This is a birthday book made for Nans quilting club called the Red Dove quilters... the inside layout came from one at Scrapsidaisy ... I assume it was Julieanne's so thanks for that.

For Grandma ...these are the ones taken on my camera

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