Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ran away

Aaron ran away from home this morning ... hopefully none of the neighbours saw me chasing after him in my PJs .... aparently he is very very angry with Regan because she wants to move her bears into the loungeroom of the dolls house and of course they have to live in the bedroom ... he is paying no attention to the fact that his bedroom (the same size as the loungeroom) is twice as big as the room he wants Regan to play in .... this happened at 9 this morning, it is now 11:30 and it still isn't resolved.

I'm taking a leaf out of a few other bloggers books and doing a month in review page this year ... not only have I done a 12 x 12 LO but it's a double ... so much space! ... so here's Jan, Feb isn't far away.

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