Friday, March 7, 2008

Layer it!

Here is my entry for copycatcards challenge for this week.

And this of course is my beautiful boy on his sixth birthday - how did that happen ... I got a bit carried away with colour here but am loving the brown circle(y) paper...

General Stuff

All is going well here ... it's Shanes birthday on tue so we are off to dinner sun night ... the kids are great ... Regan lost another tooth yesterday and then actually lost the tooth in the backyard - those of you who know her will now how devistated she was ... Aaron managed to get his arm stuck in the benches at school last week - it took three teachers and a bottle of oil from the canteen to get him out - he took it all in his stride .... and could even see the funny side of it ... and as for me I'm enjoying being at home and am keeping very busy doing, well, just stuff.

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