Thursday, March 20, 2008

One tough week

Regan has had a really tough week this week. Last week she stood up to one of the girls in her group that had been deciding what they would all do during their lunch break, when she went to play else where two of her friends joined her. So, this week it was decided by the same girl that if you wanted to be her friend and play with her you couldn't talk to Regan. Unfortunately they all followed suit and even her best friend, who I expected much more from, ignored her for the whole day and then on to netball training. She was devastated, there was nothing Shane or I could do to calm her down and eventually she cried herself to sleep. Have I mentioned that these girls are only 7 ... I couldn't believe they could be so cruel, after much discussion I decided to tell Regan's teacher the next morning who, I am very happy to say spoke to the girl in question straight away and made it clear that this does not happen in our school, and on Wed everything seemed better, as though nothing had happened. They are only 7 so I guess I couldn't expect too much from them but these girls have all been friends for three years now and not one of them was willing to go against the group. It scares me immensely for the years to come ... And to top it all off I found these under Regan's pillow the next morning

they are Guatemala worry dolls ... you tell them your worries before going to bed then put them under your pillow to take your problems away during the night ... Regan has had them for a while but hasn't used them at all this year. I broke down in tears thinking about how sad and worried she must of been that night .. how on earth am I going to survive the teenage years. 10 points to Regan though, she wanted to go to school on the Wednesday and wasn't scared, all in all she handled the whole episode much better that I did.

And on to more happier things ... this card is for you Grandma and Grandpop but Aaron doesn't want to send it to you (no he doesn't know you have sent him one yet). He got me to write inside it for you, it says - To Grandma and Grandpop When we go to bed the big giant bunny will come and bring chocolate eggs. Little one and big ones and chickens. Love Aaron.


fathers said...

Thankyou Aaron for the beautiful card,you have coloured it in very well. Hope the Easter Bunny brings you and Regan some lovely eggs and Grandma too. love from Grandma and Grandpop

Leisa from Scrapsidaisy said...

Oh Leah - I really feel for you with all of the goings on with Regan. Maddie is 7 too and I know of similiar experiences at our school. Good on her for braving it at school the next day. I guess the one consolation is that they do seem to get over whatever it was much quicker than us poor Mums do!
Very clever card Aaron and the running away...well that's so cute. I am picturing you not only running after him in your PJs Leah but grabbing the camera and taking shots too!

Tammy James said...

Oh Leah!
how totally heartwrenching.
My little girl is nearing 4 and things like 'I'm not gong to be your friend today and neither is X' are already going on at Daycare and upset my little one, but more so upset me too.