Saturday, April 20, 2013

Completely up to date... PL weeks 12 - 15

But first some gorgeous pics of Regan trying on her new winter woolies....

Not too impressed with the Week 12 Layout... nothing seemed to come together but its there and done so for that im happy

pretty chuffed with Week 13 however... im starting to use a lot more digital 3x4s and have even worked out how to alter them in photoshop..

I think its all pretty much self explanatory so I wont go into any detail on what we've been up to... getting better and remembering to take photos but I am still tending to miss the little details some weeks. I have a diary, I suppose if I actually used it this wouldn't be a problem....
Talking of little details Shane and I both forgot our 13th wedding anniversary on the 3rd Apr so unfortunantly that didn't make it in this year at all....It was only when I was blog hopping and this lovely lady had done some digital freebies for her aniversary did I even realise that I'd missed mine...

Best take this opportunity to share some of the other sites Ive been using lately
September Blue
A Vegas Girl at Heart
Kimberly Kalil
Cathy Zielske
A little Grace and Mercy and Ive been getting my monthly packs from
Pip Prosser
you should really check out all these blogs - there are some very talented ladies out there...

So im off to get the van ready for a bit of a get away next week.. its raining at the moment, heres hoping it gets better.

Til Then...

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