Saturday, July 7, 2012

Progress Report

and then it rained


.....for a long time

hopefully they will be back this week to pour the beam and finish up

This is for you dad..... Shane has laid the turf down the back for when you build your granny flat..LOL

The kids and I are off the Sydney for the week.... Aaron is booked into Royal Far West again.. its the first time we've been there for the school holidays ( in the school term they run a school so the kids are there during the day) so it will be interesting to see if I can keep them entertained considering that Aaron will have his appointments and we wont have big blocks of time to go and do anything. Wish me (and my wallet) luck!!!

How big is this dude getting.... I have no idea when he is going to stop growing but I know Koda wishes he would... he is quite often getting bowled over by the big galoof.

School photos are in and scrapped in record time....

Aaron for year 4

and Regan has had her final ones for primary school......of course they completely ruined my album by using a different photographer this year who printed out the group photo on way to biger paper.....

how cute was she????

Till our return...

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