Sunday, June 5, 2011

Say Hi to Hades

What a good looking guy eh.... yes he is the latest edition to our clan, a beautiful, rather large pure bred (our first ever non mutt) German Shepard called Hades.... Hades being the Greek God of Death and he being so named because of his black face... He did belong to a mate of ours (he has also appeared here before) but unfortunately they have to move to the coast and can no longer look after him....

He is fitting in quite well so far ... Toddy knows he is the boss so isn't really bothered by him however Koda has a bit of small dog syndrome happening and is trying to show Hades who's in charge..... at the moment I think he might win... he is smaller and younger but as menacing as he looks Hades just wants someone to play with...

Other than that we have had a great week here in not so sunny Taree

- both Regans and Aarons choirs won their age group at the Eisteddfod and therefore they got to go in the major concert
- Regan was chosen (one of only four in the school) for a gifted and talented drama day being held in Wingham tomorrow
- Aaron was mentioned in the paper for great defence in last weeks Hockey day, and
- Regans photo was in the same paper for the choir

Aaron is getting better on the motorbike, his balance is nearly there and Shane is finding it harder and harder to keep up with him as he tears around the backyard.

How cute is my daughter, caught her last weekend catching up on her reading under 'her' tree in the backyard.... as gorgeous as it looks it didn't last long ... she's not one to stick to an activity for very long without getting bored.

and last but not least it was mum's b'day last week - or was that the week before.... anyway I sent her this card ... it's one I copied from one Kim Watson published in Creating Keepsakes.... but why wouldn't I, it's soooo cute...

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