Monday, May 16, 2011

Speeches, mud and love

Regan and some of her friends entered the Taree Eisteddfod for Public Speaking on Sat... so very proud... she worked on her speech for weeks and did very well achieving a encouragement award ... it was all so close with only four points separating her from 1st place..

Mark and his boys popped in on Wed night on their way back home from Brissy, Their pop has given them this old Torana (god I hope that was what it was - sorry if I got the model/make wrong) and they were on a bit of a boys road trip - Great to see them all again....

Check out the muddy sink hole the kids managed to find down the back .... hours of entertainment with a good old mud fight...

I suppose it's way too late now but happy mothers day to all..... we had a great doing nothing day at home....

So which one do you think?

We think we've decided on the bottom one all round and then top right for the alcove around the bedhead..... Denise picked up these materials for her new quilt.... nice. There is a green and lemon set to go in there too.

and yeah I've finished off the LO for Aarons b'day

Til later Leah

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