Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forever backdating

I'm not doing a very good job at keeping this blog up to date, for the last couple of posts I seem to be telling you what I did last weekend or the one before that..... I apologise for that but I actually have some up to date news today ....

Aaron lost one of his teeth at school yesterday and then he actually lost it ... search as we might it was not to be found .. I am not a sentimental person, I don't have my wedding cards or those given to me at the birth of my kids, I have no teenage memory box or childs first curl, but what I do have to my surprise is a few loose teeth at the bottom of my undies drawer.... so to advert the inevitable panic I was able to grab an old one from my stash (not a true match, but he didn't seem to notice) and pretend that I found it in the bottom of his bag...
All was well in the Yea household last night..

Now of course on to the events of late.... Our great friends the Moodys came down to spend a glorious, relaxing weekend with us ..... all the kids get on well as do the adults... We spent many hours at the riverbank as well as giving their kids their first ride on a motorbike. I really liked this picture so had it blown up quite large and sent it off to them ..... hope they like it.

How glorious is this sunset.... one day I will learn how to properly use my camera in the manual mode so I can get better photos when something like this presents itself... Maybe a new years resolution ... don't laugh it will be here before you know it..

And as for scrapbooking ....

(sorry about the horrible photo)

and lots of little bugs made for a embellishment swap over at the Scrapsidaisy forum

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