Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whats in a word.....

Ali E is doing her word of the year again so I got a little bit inspired and thought I'd pick one myself..... I did a little bit of cheating and checked out some others words and I must admit they are all quite thought out and inspirational ..... how about these...
Calm (this one I could use)
and the list goes on... however none of these seemed quite me... I was going to rip of a well known sports brand and go with

Just Do It

until Regan pointed out that that was in fact three words (smarty pants) so after more deliberation I came up with....

I have a terrible habit of putting off little things till later .... till tomorrow ..... till next Tue ....... or I might make a list of all the things I have to do and put it up for perusal later .... and in the end all those 'little things' that would only take a moment to do are put off until the very last moment .... you know the type of jobs I'm talking about

making that acceptance phone call

filling in those forms from school

getting to all those non washing things that have been in the bottom of the basket for months

putting all my stuff on EBay

finding a home for the kids 2009 school books

So there you go .... my word for 2010 is NOW

Just Do It NOW

PS: (did you notice that I had put off making this post till Feb LOL)

PPS: if you are interested you can find beautiful "one word" necklaces here .... Lisa is the lady who designed my chrissy pressy necklace..

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