Sunday, February 21, 2010

(Mum and Dad) I.O.U

Shane and I thought that we would take a leaf out of Matt's book .....

.... and we bought you a new Lancer today.....

We have finally succumbed to the fact that we can no longer live with only one car ... Shane sometimes needs to leave work before the boys ... or it's a pain in the butt for them to pick him up ... the kids are getting older and seem to need to go to four different places at once ... and we hate the idea of the beautiful new Pajero sitting in the heat of my dirt carpark all day ... so in true Shane style off to Sydney we went today and picked up this little '98 Lancer with only 78000 Km on it.... Thanks guys we appreciate the loan....

Our other big news for the last week (and should of probably got top billing) was that Aaron turned 8.... yes 8.... how on earth did that happen ....
No party this year but plenty of cake and dinner at the local pizza restaurant....

I also took two of his mates for icecream and a play at the riverbank

and all on his own, he has decided to learn to ride without his training wheels ... his balance is a bit off and his legs started to hurt quite quickly but if we give him time I'm sure he will want to go for another try soon...

Regan had her swimming carnival as well....

I love her attitude towards sport and anything competitive ... she's very much like her mum "jack of all trades .... master of none" ... she entered competitive in all strokes (except butterfly) and came last in all races ..... she would of liked to of done better but was just happy to be giving it a go .....lots of her friends didn't attempt any races at all and those that did were mostly swim squad kids ... once she realised that the last time she actually swam 50mtrs was last years carnival she felt much I've just got to work out when we can fit swim squad in!!???

PS: for all those of you that aren't my parents we didn't really take their money its just an inhouse joke.

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