Sunday, January 24, 2010

Apologies are due

A few posts back I showed my hesitation on whether we would have any fresh vegis this year ... so here it is... I apologise to Shane for my lack of belief that he would get the time or the inclination to start up the patch again.... I would like to report that we are already eating our own lettuce, tomatoes, spinach and cucumbers..... yum.

Why is it up to Shane I hear you ask? as much as I love to enjoy our gardens and vegis the thought of hanging out, planting, digging etc really holds no interest to me at all ... the closest I've ever come to gardening (besides picking out the plants for Shane to slave over) is the occasional trim of the front hedge....

And here it is .......

the cubby all painted and finished ... even adorned with pirate and flower stickers - there's not much out there non gender wise..... I'm not sure how long they will last as they are actually indoor decals and probably won't enjoy the heat or morning dew...

the kids did well doing one coat each and painting the doors and windows but when it came to the fiddly stuff poor Shane was left there all alone.....

Now lets just see if they play in it...

Just thought I'd share another photo of the boys, they're getting more adventurous and are even starting to hang out together...

The following page was done at the Scrapsidaisy Round up last weekend and was a class held by Debbie Kingston.... how clever and patient is she....the ripped border took a lot of time and measuring but I think the overall effect is great .... not sure when I'll try it again ?.??

The following two pages are the kids calender shots for 09 ... aren't they gorgeous .... they are actually both done on the same cardstock ... not sure how the photos (taken one after another) managed to be so different colour wise..

Till later...


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