Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome .... ?!????

I didn't find it this hard to name my children... This is '.....' our new 8 week old German Coolie pup.. He was named Chip by the RSPCA (his brother was Dale) Regan likes Jett, Aaron is very keen on Blackie (go figure), Shane wants Jed and I'm partial to Larry.... Anyway we called him Chip for a while and then Bailey because of his colourings, this lasted about 1/2 a day, then Ed... because he has markings like the Hyienas on the Lion King..... no he's not an Ed so we went on to Koda ... one of the bears from Brother Bear ... we're still not sure so at the moment it's here mate!. What terrible parents we have started off as being.

How gorgeous is he....

and yes I've even scrapbooked.... Aaron has been spending just about every afternoon out in the front yard playing with his stick.. He walks (or runs) up and down the driveway for hours holding his stick and making sound effects... some may think that it's weird but I love the fact that the kids have such cute 'quirks'.

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