Sunday, December 21, 2008

My little surfer chick

Regan had her first surfing lesson on sunday and blew me away with how quickly she picked it up... she had a ball and after two hours I had to tell her to come in because the instructor was getting tired.... She loved it and I can't wait to see how she progresses over the holidays ... looks like we'll have lots of days at the beach this summer.

We had the shed/garage/scraproom/spareroom wired up last weekend and shane told me that he had to dig a hole and track the old power so it can be moved for the pool we are hoping to put in this winter .....

to me, this is not a hole...... as Shane was dissapearing in his 'trench' with a shovel he exclaimed that I have no idea what he does at work..... he could be right.

The kids are pretty happy about the holidays....

This is India, Aarons buddy this year... at the end of year presentations all the yr 6's gave their buddies a tree to plant at home... so sweet I thought, now if only we can talk him into planting it in the garden and not outside his window.

and this is the calandar Aaron gave to his teacher for Chrissy this year.... and absolutely loving the paper.

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