Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's my birthday

Happy birthday to me etc,etc.... having a lovely day, managed to get it off work and have spent it wondering around Forster with Nan and the kids, drinking coffees and eating too much yummy stuff....Shane and the kids got me Adobe photoshop 6 ... very excited and yes a little overwhelmed, I know how great the program is, just hoping I can work out how to use it to its fullest.... of to the library I go, hopefully they've got a 'dummys guide to'...... overall enjoying life at the moment, had a great weekend - enjoyed time with the family and even got some scrapping done....

I'm sharing my space at the moment with a rather large huntsman spider - large and smart - he is always sitting on my papers or half finished LOs where he knows I can't squish him or brush him away without damaging something.....his days are numbered.

Heres some random shots to finish off my post..

The irony of Aaron - this is him with his arsenal of weapons running around the vegi patch infront of Shane saving the flowers from the cultivator ... such a softy at heart..


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