Friday, April 25, 2008

Anzac Day

We all got dressed up today for the Anzac march however because of the rain it has been cancelled andthey were holding the memorial in an underground carpark. Very damp, very stuffy and the kids just didn't cope so we're home again already. I had been telling them on the way in the car that it was 'Anzac Day' and rain, hail or shine they would always march... I was very dissapointed as were the kids ... it was only sprinkling and I really believe it should of gone ahead.
Regan has a girlfriend over for the day, hopefully they can entertain themselves inside because it is still so awfuliy wet and soggy outside.

Have I mentioned the rain! it doesn't seem to have stopped all year, I am so over it ... the kids have cabin fever, the dog is bored and has reverted to taking our sneakers for a walk up the yard, and the chooks can't get to anywhere dry to peck and carry on so have turned on each other ... balding chooks are not pretty!

And yes, I have finished my March in review using some of the goodies I got from Pip Prosser in her double up pack I ordered this month.

We're off to Royal Far West on sunday for the week ... Shane and Regan are coming this time so we're planning on turning it into a bit of a family holiday...Will catch up on our return .... until then ....

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