Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feb Review

It's only 3 months in and already i'm falling behind ... February took a while but March is already on the table.

Both the kids got an award at this weeks assembly (the first one I've managed to get to this year ... and with a camera and all!!!) Aaron was very excited and was jumping up an down when all the kids were lined up ... his was for 'always trying his best and being a happy smiley person.' Regan's was for 'beautiful handwriting, excellent work habits and always listening carefully to instructions given.'

Regan has started her next Girl Guides badge on Pets. She has decided that Todd will be the easiest of our pets to look after for three months....i think it was the cleaning out of the chook pen or Guniea Pig hut that turned her off the others ... so it started with a wash however she wasn't overly keen on touching any part of him that was likely to be dirty... Todds got a rough few months ahead of him....

Off to work this week ... first time ever that I won't be spending the school holidays with the kids... I finish at 2 so here's to lots of fun activities in the afternoon..

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