Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We're home

And what a great holiday we had .... Allan's birthday was heaps of fun, the kids loved being away and just hanging out around the pool with each other. Regan is totally besotted with her older cousins at the moment and hangs off every word they say. She has decided that she's not going to grow her fringe out anymore but will have a side fringe for 'versitility' just like Katie and Sarah.

Aaron and the younger girls couldn't keep up the pace and decided sleep was the better option. Regan was so proud of herself staying awake until the end.

I haven't got any photos to share of the Gold Coast 'cause it was such terrible weather and it wasn't safe to get the camera out... We did however hit Wet and Wild ... theory was we were going to be wet anyway .... it ended up being a great day, it rained periodically but not too much and considering it was New Years day there was hardly any body there ... no line ups at all ... Regan made me so proud and horified me at the same time taking on every single ride including the 'tornado' in a tube with Dad and Uncle Darrin ... the look on her face as she came out of that tunnel was shear fear .... Aunty Karen got to the top and changed her mind, running back down and of course I had to stay at the bottom and look after Aaron (thank god).
The only real disapointment with the holiday was that they had to cancel the New Years fireworks ... we were all really looking forward to them.

On the scrapbooking front... yes I have actually done one ... here are the 'year in review' for the kids ... I found it really hard this time and think I am much better off if I have symmetry when dealing with this many photos. Love the photos, not to happy with the LO's.

I used handsome and beautiful because Aaron is forever telling me at the moment that he is not cute, or gorgeous, or beautiful, or even a rooster, he is handsome and Regan is beautiful.

This is last years, feeling much better about these ones. I don't actually do them as a double page as one day I will give them to the kids but I do use the same range each year.

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