Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's been a very quiet couple of days, Shane's back at work and I have been over doing anything, becides a trip to the library and park the kids and I have (selfishly on my part) been hanging around the house. Next week however will be another story, we have a trip to Port planned as well as a few playdates and catchups. I'm sure by then I'll be ready and rearing to go as well.
I've finished my 08/09 photo box ... just a bit of storage for all those photos I print but never get around to, or change my mind about scrapping ... I stick to a purple and green theme each time as the box sits on my sideboard in the loungeroom.

and the last couple...

Copycatcards is back on track for 2008 and there first challenge was 'on the farm' ... not so easy by the way Leisa ... this little guy is from clipart ... kind of cute I thought.

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Leisa from Scrapsidaisy said...

Hi Leah! Great idea about using those boxes - I constantly get excited and print photos then never get around to scrapping them. I bet they look gorgeous in your loungeroom! Oh and sorry re did such a cool job though - this week the challenge is a lot easier - I promise + there's a prize!!