Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 19 and 20

My new favourite week.... prettier in real life with the mint and pink but I'm not going to apologise for my photography anymore, its obvious that I'm having all sorts of trouble with glare.

Week 20 was a slow one with a distinct lack of photos..... so only a one page layout this time round...

The journaling on the you are awesome card is a conversation I had with Aaron after Naplan

Me: Hey buddy how was Naplan?
AJ: Had to pick someone who deserved a hero award
Me: Cool who did you pick?
AJ: Regan, shes caring and funny
Me: What did you write?
AJ: I did four arguments
Me: Is that good?
AJ: Yeah, 2 lines for each one, 21/2 for the first point, a beginning and an end
Me: That's about 12 lines did you have anything else you wanted to say?
AJ: No
Me: Cool OK

And that's just the way you roll... You do exactly what's required and cant fathom why you would do any more...
Fair enough too I say.... not sure about the examiners though.

That's it for now...

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