Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Term

I truely dont think it matters what school you go to, it's the teachers that make all the difference... Last year Aaron he had a few incidents with one of his mates which led to me requesting they be in different classes.... Of course due to one thing or another this didn't happen so I found myself going to his teacher on day two (just what she wanted i'm sure)...but wow, she has been great. I explained how although Aaron is very popular in class his 'physical difficulties' make him wary of joining the other kids on the playing field which leaves him and this other boy always together in the undercover area.
She has boosted his confidence 10 fold - due to her he is now playing cricket on the back field with a large group of boys... picking different people to be his buddies ... interacting with all the kids in his class and ... sticking up for himself where this other boy is concerned.. I am so very grateful to Mrs Young.
Not only has she looked at our social issues and tried her hardest to solve them but she is also doing so when it comes to Aarons speech....For the last few years I've been told all the great things the school was going to do for him, none of which have been forthcoming but this year at his IEP meeting (I went in all ready for a fight to get his funding actually used for his benifit) she had already spoken to his speech therapist, organised one on one time with a aide and was ready to speak to me about how much she is able to pick him up on his words in the classroom environment.
Term One has been sooooo rewarding for Aaron..

And as for Regan....... same deal goes, she has had a really popular teacher for the last two years but one that obviously wasn't a good fit with her. This year she has yet another male teacher that is ' firm but fair' (her words) and she is going along at full speed, she has gone from remedial spelling to the top group, is in the middle group of maths and has been scoring 10/10 for some of her speeches. She is happy with her friends, is able to speak up and let certain girls know when they are being 'bitchy' and hasn't come home upset once this year.
She also scored 10/10 for the Nazi report I mentioned in the last post after he asked her if she had got her info off the internet... Shane had to dig her drafts out of the trash so she could prove to him that it was all her own work.( not that her asked for proof, it was mainly for my benifit)

It is Naplan year for both of them this year and although I'm really not worried about the results both kids are very keen to try their hardest and Regan is ready to improve on her scores from yr three... It is very nice to have two kids interested in and happy to go to school.

Check out the latest modification to our outdoor area... We were sitting down the other weekend having a drink when it occurred to us that we have to bob up and down a bit to see out the backyard... no sooner was it said that Shane was armed with a jigsaw and cutting into our slats..... must admit makes for a excellent view.

Till later

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