Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Flat Pub Run

What a great weekend....

two days away with good friends and lots of fun ... over 600 bikes, two bands, heaps of campers and just a few drinks....the guys thought I was a bit weird taking pics from the back of the bike, but how cool do they look?

Do you remember Tommy??? He was the tiny little Joey we rescued last chrissy..

Well he's all grown up now and making friends throughout the neighbourhood... he loves to come over just on dusk and tease Koda by bouncing around on the other side of the fence..

My beekeepers are multiplying .... apparently you need to 'restock your queens' - who would of known - so this is Shane and Ray looking throught the boxes trying to find the one queen in a swarm... yep ... it took a few hours ...

and how sad is this ... only one layout to show you ... I think im averaging about one a month ... time is just flying by at the moment best I start to get organised.

Thanks for popping by

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