Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guess who's back in a bucket

Poor old Toddy dog has been back in the vets again getting more cancer cut out of his groin.... if you have a look you can see the cornsack stitches near his leg ..... he soooo hates having the bucket on and definitely hasn't enjoyed it in this hot weather.

So very proud ..... Regan got her first Pricipals award last week for 'encouraging others to care about the sea turtle'.... her and two friends are right into sea turtles at the moment and decided to run a raffle to raise money so that the school can sponsor one each year.... they spent many lunch hours at their desk selling tickets and raised a bit of money .... not quite enough for a whole years sponsorships but very close .... I think we will have to chip in....

Did a bit of a chrissy photoshoot yesterday for the chrissy cards I am endeavouring to make..... two of my favourites..

and I've finished the pre made pages for my dec journal.....
pages 21-25

I'm quite proud actually ... I bought a few embellishments for this project but all the cardstock and papers were in my stash .... it just shows you never to throw out all those little bits.

Till later..

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