Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A whole month

I do so envy those that can make good use of their time.....I am busy like everyone else but I have a terrible habbit of ' I'll get that done after I have this cuppa or after I watch this show... and suddenly the end of the week arrives and I'm cramming everything into the last minute... and with that in mind I found this poem..

Today is here, I will start with a smile and resolve to be agreeable.
Today I will not waste my time because the minutes I wasted yesterday are lost as a vanashed thought.
Today I refuse to spend time worrying about what might happen - it usually doesnt. I am going to spend time makeing things happen.
Today I am determined to do things I should do. I firmly resolve to stop doing things I should not do.
Today I will stop saying 'if only I had time'. If I want time I will make it.
Today I will make a success with what material I have.
Today I will act towards other people as I would like them to act towards me. I will not wait for tomorrow.

I did find time to write it.... now lets see if I find time to put it into action.

So anyway what's been happening...

The girl guide training weekend wasn't as bad as I thought ... although we did have to sing bad songs around a campfire... I also learnt why the girls seem to love me so much ... 1. I basically have no control and .. 2. I'm not actually teaching any of the traditional guide 'stuff'.

The weekend away with mum was great ... lots of girly things on offer and a fantastic party organised by her friends which included amongst other things a great cruise around the marina - (Lots of money in Port Lincoln) - a trip to the local Indian resterant in full Indian Sari's.... very funny... and of course lots of party games...

yes I know mine's not quite right - I triped over it running from setting the camera and all the pleats untucked from my pants..

I made this card for mum a few weeks before and sent it over for signatures .... I wish now I had remembered to copy down some of the sayings and poems her friends wrote in it including a fantastic one signed by dad about their time together... I't was so very obvious that he didn't write it ...but so very much them

I seemed to spend more time on planes and in airports than with the folks but it was definantly worth it....

while I was there Shane was driving down to Wollongong in the pooring rain to pick up the caravan we just bought .. yes thats right a caravan... its locked up in the shed at the moment so I will post photos when we bring it out... don't get too excited though... it is a 82 model.

Life has been going on as usual with sport and so on.... Aaron has been spending ages playing outside... I think he enjoys the cold weather a lot more than summer.... on the topic of Aaron... we had our last visit with his old Speech therapist this week.... I am very sad and scared to say goodby to her but it is proving harder and harder... not to mention expensive when you take into concideration a day off work as well as the petrol and fee... to do the drive to Port Maquarie ... our new lady seems nice and she is able to see Aaron at school which will benifit him heaps I'm sure.... she's definately not Karen and their methods are worlds apart but hopefully, fingers crossed, I haven't made the wrong move...

I've decided to give the kids a reward jar to try and get them to do some extra tasks around the house, each stone is worth 20 cents and they get one if they do something I ask and two if they do it without me asking... so far so good.

and yes I've even been scrapbooking......

you'll have to excuse the colour of the photos... don't actually know what happened but the look like something from the 70's..

Till next time..... which wont be as long I'm sure.

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