Friday, February 29, 2008

Pupil Free Day

The kids are home from school today - the teachers are doing some maths thingy ... we've been out all morning using the vouchers I've been hording for 12 months that run out today ... we got two for one at the video store (at the moment they're watching Surfs Up)... cheap entry into the Aquatic Centre ... and then free Happy meals at Maccas ... Regan wanted to go swimming to prove to me she could swim 50 mtrs and therefore go in the swimming carnival... I had previously told her I didn't think she could do the distance.... I am very proud to say that she has proved me wrong today and can easily swim it even though shes never tried it before... so very very proud. Bring on next years carnival.

Here's the first page i've completed in my new 'space' It's all the girls (grown up) on Shane's side of the family.

And last ... a very plain card done this week for copycatcards - useing inks.

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